Where to go on your summer break

Summer Family Holidays

You might be wondering where to go on holiday this year. Let’s face it, the British summer’s been a bit of a wash out for the most part, so you’re by no means the only person considering heading off to sunnier climes for some rest and relaxation.

Summer Family Holidays
Summer Family Holidays

There’s plenty of choice these days, so you should be able to book the perfect trip. Also, for added convenience, you can make the most of airport parking.

Getting inspiration

If you’re after ideas for destinations, you might be interested in tips offered by the Burton Mail recently. The publication stated: “The weather at home is getting depressing. If you’re pining for some sun, a little heat and the chance to lounge on the beach in the latest swimwear styles it’s time to get your holiday booked.

“But this summer why not do something a little different and opt for somewhere you’ve never been? It’s easy to go to the same spot year in year out, but the world’s a big place and there’s plenty of it to see.”

Turkey has plenty to offer

One nation that might pique your interest is Turkey. The news source noted that thousands of tourists head there every summer and the country is hot, has “stunning scenery” and, because it’s outside the EU, it’s relatively cheap. Also, the food is “pretty good”, it pointed out.

If you’re not keen on package holidays, you should avoid resorts like Marmaris and instead head to smaller villages and towns along the Turquoise Coast, the newspaper advised.

Could Hawaii be the perfect destination?

Another location that you might be keen to experience is Hawaii. About the group of islands, it said: “You’ll find crystal clear waters, the whitest of sand, big waves and a little volcanic scenery thrown in too. If you’re looking for the perfect destination outside Europe this year, Hawaii could well be it. Throw in a Hawaiian shirt, a loud print bikini and it’ll be perfect.”

Other places suggested by the publication were Cambodia and Ibiza. About the latter, it remarked: “Ibiza has everything. If you’re looking for a little glamour head to Ibiza Town to marvel at the marina and get right into the stylish party atmosphere. The clubs are world famous too, but the real treat of the Golden Isle is the chance to explore.”

It recommended heading north to Benirras or south to Las Salinas. It added that the destination is one “with a difference and one not to be missed”.

Making sure your car’s safe

Wherever you go, it’s important you’re able to leave the cares and concerns of home behind and this is where Edinburgh Airport parking, Heathrow Airport parking and so on comes in handy.

Here at APH we offer parking at numerous transport hubs and when you leave your vehicle in secure facilities like this, you can enjoy total peace of mind. Plus, getting to and from the airport will be straightforward and stress free. To find out more about how we may be able to help you, just take a look around our website.

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