Taking a Vacation from British Weather

English Weather

The rainy weather can’t last forever right? Um…Well…

The UK is positioned in a very important place weather-wise, being located almost directly under the flow of jet streams which are directly responsible for weather patterns. If we are the right side of the jet streams we get very warm, dry weather, but on the wrong side of these the weather will be very wet and far cooler.

British Weather
British Weather

Usually these jet streams vary in position every week or so, which explains why we often have a few days of great weather but very rarely get long periods of continued sunshine without lengthy breaks for rain. However, this year, the streams have not been in flux as they usually are, and have remained constant instead, on the wrong side of us.

It is the next bit of news that may very quickly get you looking for parking at Gatwick airport and the first available flight out of here. The fact is, no one knows why the weather is doing what it is doing, and it shows no signs of stopping. So if you have been holding out for the sun thinking it can’t stay like this all summer, it may now be time to give up hope and book that sunshine holiday and Gatwick parking.

The government has done its best to try to make us stay in the UK this summer with adverts discussing the benefits of a ‘staycation,’ and whilst there is indeed plenty to see in this country, if you want great weather, book that Gatwick parking and head off now, as you are unlikely to get sunshine any time soon. It may well be best to enjoy the sun in Europe whilst you can and stay here in autumn when the weather is likely to be much the same.

So, whilst the sun shows no sign of any lengthy stay any time soon, Europe is very much on the right side of the jet streams at the moment, so book that parking at Gatwick airport and get away sooner rather than later.

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