Cheap airport parking

There has been a growing trend in recent years for ‘DIY holidays’. Gone are the days where everything would be booked in a complete package with one tour operator. While some people do choose to still book this way, an increasing number of savvy travellers are saving money at every opportunity by booking parts, or even all of their holidays independently; with the help of various internet sites.

APH Parking
APH Parking

One of the key parts of the holiday booking process is working out how to get to the airport and of course, where to park once you get there. Many people compare airport car parking (, but here at Airport Parking and Hotels, we have the best deals on cheap airport parking, meaning there’s no need to spend hours trawling the net to compare prices. With the following tips, securing your airport parking can be made much easier and you’ll be one step closer to enjoying your trip, safe in the knowledge that you got a great deal.

Know where you’re flying from

Even if you book your trip at the last-minute, you will know exactly where your flight leaves from. Once the information is confirmed, log onto our website and search the range of parking options that are available at the particular airport. We cover all major UK airports and at some airports, we have our own dedicated car parks. Dover and Southampton ports are also covered; so whether you’re parking at a port or looking for cheap parking at Heathrow airport, consider yourself covered.

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Work out your expectations

Are you heading off on a cheap last-minute break or is this a luxury trip of a lifetime? Whatever the expectations are for your trip, we offer a range of parking solutions, from simple parking spaces to a full meet-and-greet valet parking service. The secret to creating your perfect holiday is to explore the options available to you. With this in mind, it’s important to do your research; our website, for example, is a great place to start.

Go with the easy option

Holidays are all about relaxation, so when you are booking your airport parking, it makes sense to make life easier by booking an airport hotel at the same time. Whether it’s a hotel to ensure you get a good night’s sleep the night before your flight or a comfy bed after a long trip to break up the drive home, there are selection of hotels that can be booked directly through our website. These hotels, alongside your airport parking, will help you to start or finish your holiday in style.

The art of creating the perfect bespoke holiday that not only saves you money but that also exactly meets your requirements starts and ends with the kind of airport parking you choose. Follow in the footsteps of your fellow wise holiday-makers and choose the parking option that is right for you –in terms of price, convenience and service.

You’ll wonder why you ever booked a complete package again.

Infrastructures To Simplify Airport Parking

Airports are really hives of infrastructure but beneath the busy, often chaotic atmosphere there is a sense of order that must be adhered to. Dealing with thousands of travelling passengers every day is no easy task, but this doesn’t only take its toll on the airport and its staff, it also takes its toll on the holiday makers and other travellers. From the outset, you can understand the level of infrastructure that helps airports to function since as you travel towards them the amount of specialised roads increases until you meet the airport itself. It is at this point you may see different car parks, some that are in better locations than others. At APH, we have some of the best selections of airport parking available and at its centre is a consideration to infrastructure, but one that takes into account the experience of our customers and is aimed at reducing stress and increasing efficiency.

Airport Car Parks
Airport Car Parks

We own and operate 3 carparks at some of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom including Manchester, Birmingham and Gatwick. These car parks all have their own different levels of infrastructure from ease of parking to security measures and transport to and from the car park. Our car parks each hold the Park Mark® Safe Parking Award because they have been independently rated as having the safest standards available. This is also true of the vast majority of the other car parks we list, if you are looking to compare airport car parking in order to get the best deal. Aside from this we also have accreditations on our website which can ensure that any bookings made online are completely secure. The ISIS (Internet Shopping Is Safe) accreditation means that all transactions are completely trustworthy when conducted through our site.

Our other partners include some of the best names in parking, which means that no matter who you choose when you come to compare airport car parks, you will always get a good deal that won’t let you down. We work with Meteor, NCP, BAA, Purple Parking and Quality Parking Heathrow. This vastly increases the number of options you have to choose from when you come to our site. Our options are some of the best available and this has resulted in a 97% approval rate of our company, meaning that customers are highly likely to use our service because it offers options and value for money that other parking specialists don’t.

Because we realised there were other industries around parking at airports we can also offer parking at ports and Eurotunnel terminals. This means that no matter your means of travel you can always rely on the absolute best when it comes to safe, efficient and economical parking options. If you are wanting to park your own car with us and organise some alternative transport – perhaps a sports or off-road vehicle more suited to your travels – we can also offer car hire. This can enable you to travel to your chosen destination with the minimum of fuss.

Avoiding The Hidden Costs In Holiday Travel

Despite the age of budget airlines and internet deals on all inclusive holidays, the cost of travelling, whether abroad or within the UK, can still be quite expensive. Hidden costs seem to abound no matter where you’re going, or how you’re getting there. Here are some tips on how to avoid the hidden costs in holiday travel.

Avoiding Airline Fuel Surcharges

Many airlines, including major commercial airlines as well as smaller, budget airlines, currently charge very high fuel surcharges. This can be deceiving when you are trying to book an inexpensive flight because often the first price you will see does not include this surcharge.

If you want to book a flight that’s truly inexpensive, or that does not include such a fuel surcharge, you may wish to book with an airline such as Ryan Air. Or you may want to use a comparison web site to find the cheapest price. But remember to compare as many different airlines as you can, because sometimes hidden fuel charges do not appear on the first list of flight prices you see on your screen.

Avoiding Baggage Charges

While budget travel has become popular in recent years, many travellers have become frustrated by the hidden baggage fees that many airlines have been charging. But there are several ways that you can avoid these charges.

Consider not travelling with baggage. If you are only going to be away for a few days, use an overnight bag as a carryon and take all your clothes in that so that you do not need to check any baggage.

Another option is to compare as many different airlines as you can to find one that will not charge you for a checked bag. There are still a few airlines out there who allow one free piece of baggage. And recently the Scottish airline Flybe has decided to introduce a system of three classes for tickets so that the middle class tickets can check one piece of baggage without a fee.

Avoiding High Car Park Charges

High car parking charges can also have a negative effect on your holiday plans. Many travellers are unaware of how expensive airport parking can be, especially if you don’t book well in advance of your flight.

On Airport Parking
On-Airport Parking

But when you compare the airport car parking options available on our web site, you can save a lot of money. Cheap airport parking is available, and we’ve done the hardest part for you by listing all the best car parks near every major UK airport, including Gatwick airport car park, and many more. All you have to do is put in the dates of your travel, and where you plan to fly from.

As you can see from these tips, you don’t have to fall prey to al the hidden costs of holiday travel. So the next time you decide to take a trip, no matter where you’re going, avoid the stress of expensive holidays and relax and enjoy you’re time away. And remember to compare your airport parking here with us at APH to save even more.