Avoiding The Hidden Costs In Holiday Travel

Despite the age of budget airlines and internet deals on all inclusive holidays, the cost of travelling, whether abroad or within the UK, can still be quite expensive. Hidden costs seem to abound no matter where you’re going, or how you’re getting there. Here are some tips on how to avoid the hidden costs in holiday travel.

Avoiding Airline Fuel Surcharges

Many airlines, including major commercial airlines as well as smaller, budget airlines, currently charge very high fuel surcharges. This can be deceiving when you are trying to book an inexpensive flight because often the first price you will see does not include this surcharge.

If you want to book a flight that’s truly inexpensive, or that does not include such a fuel surcharge, you may wish to book with an airline such as Ryan Air. Or you may want to use a comparison web site to find the cheapest price. But remember to compare as many different airlines as you can, because sometimes hidden fuel charges do not appear on the first list of flight prices you see on your screen.

Avoiding Baggage Charges

While budget travel has become popular in recent years, many travellers have become frustrated by the hidden baggage fees that many airlines have been charging. But there are several ways that you can avoid these charges.

Consider not travelling with baggage. If you are only going to be away for a few days, use an overnight bag as a carryon and take all your clothes in that so that you do not need to check any baggage.

Another option is to compare as many different airlines as you can to find one that will not charge you for a checked bag. There are still a few airlines out there who allow one free piece of baggage. And recently the Scottish airline Flybe has decided to introduce a system of three classes for tickets so that the middle class tickets can check one piece of baggage without a fee.

Avoiding High Car Park Charges

High car parking charges can also have a negative effect on your holiday plans. Many travellers are unaware of how expensive airport parking can be, especially if you don’t book well in advance of your flight.

On Airport Parking
On-Airport Parking

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As you can see from these tips, you don’t have to fall prey to al the hidden costs of holiday travel. So the next time you decide to take a trip, no matter where you’re going, avoid the stress of expensive holidays and relax and enjoy you’re time away. And remember to compare your airport parking here with us at APH to save even more.