The Push Continues For A Second Runway At Gatwick Airport

The site that Gatwick airport now occupies used to be a base used by the Royal Air Force during World War Two, but since then it has grown in size and significance. Currently, Gatwick airport is the UK’s second largest airport and the seventh busiest international airport in the world. While these statistics may seem mildly impressive for an airport located near the capital city in one of the world’s most developed countries, it is worth noting that Gatwick airport has only one runway, which in turn makes it the busiest single runway in the entire world. Operating one runway has been seen by some as a cause for concern, calling for expansion to keep up with demand and tourism. However there are those that rally against this cause, claiming that it will harm the surrounding areas.

Gatwick north terminal
Gatwick north terminal

The Fight For Change

The plans for changes to Gatwick airport are currently being gathered, but they will not be able to be implemented until 2019 as the site is currently under obligation not to expand. With plans to make the airport changes both ‘affordable and practical’, the site wants to rival Heathrow, the larger London based rival.

Seeing as there are a plethora of airports in the surrounding area and the fact that Gatwick is fully equipped with great airport parking to meet its demand, why are there calls for controversial change and what are the protesters concerned about?

Part of the concern lies with the fact that building another runway would lead to the need of a third terminal. Currently the airport has a North and South Terminal, the latter of which is integrated with the rail system. The land set aside for the expansive building work, which would have to make room for the new runway and third terminal, currently contains some residential houses as well as seventeen listed buildings. While this is a small figure compared to the large amount of houses at risk over the expansion of Heathrow, there is also an environmental concern. Surrounding areas will have to be tested for noise pollution, the airport does not want to have to impose a curfew on surrounding residents.

London officials are also wary of change. While acknowledging the fact that London has to connect with the rest of the world in the best way possible, it seems that many want one central hub with plenty of connections, rather than scattering the focus too thinly. Given the density of the south-east population, though, expanding an airport is always going to be met with opposition.

For tourists, the airport is always a favourite. Car parking at Gatwick is easy and convenient, as those using a Gatwick airport car park can leave their vehicle at reception, and arrange for it to be dropped off on their return. Manual parking is also available.

Tips for Getting the Best Deal on your Airport Parking

If you are thinking of driving your car to the airport and leaving it there for the duration of your trip away, there are a number of things you will need to consider. Indeed, whilst parking your car at the airport can be incredibly convenient, it can also work out to be somewhat expensive if you’re not careful.

Car Parking Sign
Airport Car Parking

Fortunately, doing just a little bit of research will show you that there are plenty of strategies and options available that will help you get a truly great deal on your airport car parking.

Below are some tips which can be very helpful in this respect

Book ahead

The difference in prices between booking in advance and paying on the day can be staggering. Indeed, pre-booking your parking will not only save you money, it will also ensure you are guaranteed a space.

Look at local car parks

Take a little bit of time to research the other parking facilities available in the vicinity of your departure airport. Of course, you will need to bear in mind how regular the transfers are, especially if you will be catching a very late or early flight. In general, off-airport parking tends to work out cheaper, although transfer times sometimes take a little bit longer.

Avoid cancellation fees

Most airport car parks these days allow you to purchase a cancellation waiver for as little as £1. This can be money well spent as it will ensure you’ll get all your money back in the event of you having to cancel your trip.

Think about hiring a car

Car hire could work out cheaper for you if you are heading off on a long trip. Indeed, all you will need to do is pick up the hire car from a local depot, drop it off at the airport and then do the same thing in reverse when you get back.

Spend the night at an airport hotel

If you have a very early flight to catch and don’t fancy dealing with all the hassle of travelling to the airport on the day of your flight then you may well find booking an airport hotel room and heading up the night before to be a good bet. Although this may not be the overall cheapest option, it will give you the chance to rest before your flight and save you dealing with the potential stress of getting delayed. Moreover, many airport hotels these days offer competitively-priced parking packages which can be very attractive indeed.

Consider the alternatives

If you are willing to pay a little bit more, then you may find alternative options, such as ‘meet & greet’ services to be beneficial. These services offer total convenience as they allow you to drive straight to the terminal where you will be met by a valet who will park your car for you.

Browse our pages further to find out more and compare the best parking deals available.

Book airport parking as part of your great escape from the British summer

Let’s face it, summer’s been a washout. Apart from the odd spells of sunny and warm weather, the country’s been beset by rainstorms and flooding. Parts of the Midlands even saw hailstones the size of gold balls, damaging cars and properties.

British Summer Weather
British Summer Weather

So, now could be the perfect time to up sticks for a week or two and head to sunnier climes. By arranging your flights and accommodation, and booking airport parking, you can escape the British summer and enjoy some real rest and relaxation.

Mass exodus

It seems as though something of a mass exodus has been taking place. According to travel association ABTA, during July and August, 13 million UK holidaymakers will have jetted off for adventures abroad.

The organisation also suggested that 90 per cent of these people will head to countries around the Mediterranean in order to benefit from impressive deals. Since last year, the pound has increased in value against the euro by ten per cent and there are also cheap deals in many eurozone countries as they struggle with the ongoing economic problems in the region.

Staycations are out of favour

Sometimes, you might like to stay in Britain for your summer breaks, but with weather like this, you’d be forgiven for ruling out the possibility this year.

ABTA head of communication Victoria Bacon remarked: “The UK is a beautiful country with exceptional holiday appeal but the weather this year has been setting records for all the wrong reasons and it is no surprise that millions of us are looking to head off overseas for more reliable weather and high temperatures.

“British holidaymakers will also get a pleasant surprise in their favourite eurozone destinations with the pound ten per cent stronger than last year. It’s important that people book sooner rather than later as late offers are proving popular.”

Saving cash for your trip

To make the most of your travels, it’s important that you have enough money and this is why it’s a good idea to source the best value airport car parking. Here at APH we’re committed to offering excellent value services and should have just what you need.

Whether you’re after parking at Newcastle Airport or any other transport hub, we may well be able to help. All the cash you save by being shrewd in your choice of parking can be put to very good use abroad.

Feel secure

Of course, when you jet off on holiday, it’s important you feel confident that your car will be safe and secure. If you’re worried about the location of your vehicle, you won’t be able to fully relax. After all, no one wants their welcome home to the UK to include discovering their car is missing or has been damaged.

We work with industry bodies to ensure we offer the highest standard of service and all three of our APH car parks have been merited with the Park Mark® Safer Parking award, along with most of the other parking partners that we work with.

To find out more, just take a look around our website. We’re on hand to help you make your getaway from the disappointing British weather.

Infrastructures To Simplify Airport Parking

Airports are really hives of infrastructure but beneath the busy, often chaotic atmosphere there is a sense of order that must be adhered to. Dealing with thousands of travelling passengers every day is no easy task, but this doesn’t only take its toll on the airport and its staff, it also takes its toll on the holiday makers and other travellers. From the outset, you can understand the level of infrastructure that helps airports to function since as you travel towards them the amount of specialised roads increases until you meet the airport itself. It is at this point you may see different car parks, some that are in better locations than others. At APH, we have some of the best selections of airport parking available and at its centre is a consideration to infrastructure, but one that takes into account the experience of our customers and is aimed at reducing stress and increasing efficiency.

Airport Car Parks
Airport Car Parks

We own and operate 3 carparks at some of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom including Manchester, Birmingham and Gatwick. These car parks all have their own different levels of infrastructure from ease of parking to security measures and transport to and from the car park. Our car parks each hold the Park Mark® Safe Parking Award because they have been independently rated as having the safest standards available. This is also true of the vast majority of the other car parks we list, if you are looking to compare airport car parking in order to get the best deal. Aside from this we also have accreditations on our website which can ensure that any bookings made online are completely secure. The ISIS (Internet Shopping Is Safe) accreditation means that all transactions are completely trustworthy when conducted through our site.

Our other partners include some of the best names in parking, which means that no matter who you choose when you come to compare airport car parks, you will always get a good deal that won’t let you down. We work with Meteor, NCP, BAA, Purple Parking and Quality Parking Heathrow. This vastly increases the number of options you have to choose from when you come to our site. Our options are some of the best available and this has resulted in a 97% approval rate of our company, meaning that customers are highly likely to use our service because it offers options and value for money that other parking specialists don’t.

Because we realised there were other industries around parking at airports we can also offer parking at ports and Eurotunnel terminals. This means that no matter your means of travel you can always rely on the absolute best when it comes to safe, efficient and economical parking options. If you are wanting to park your own car with us and organise some alternative transport – perhaps a sports or off-road vehicle more suited to your travels – we can also offer car hire. This can enable you to travel to your chosen destination with the minimum of fuss.

3 Additional Costs to Factor into your Holidays

It used to be the case that most people who went on holiday chose a package holiday, where all the costs are factored in. One price would cover the flights, accommodation and even the food. Less people are choosing to holiday this way, and now there are various additional costs to worry about.

Extra Baggage
Extra Baggage

Extra Baggage

The most notorious of these costs are the costs levied on extra baggage. Many budget airlines offer very affordable tickets, but make up lots of money levying additional costs. Costs for baggage is just one of these additional costs, and other costs include fines for not having your boarding card, a surcharge on paying with your debit card etc.

Exchange Rates

One of the best ways to save money on your holiday is to shop around for the best exchange rates. Exchange rates can vary not just from place to place, but also from time to time. At the moment the Euro is relatively weak against the pound, but this changes all the time.

Airport Parking

What about airport parking? This isn’t an essential per se, however more and more people prefer the convenience of being able to park in and around the airport. Costs can be saved here by combining an airport hotel stay with your parking, e.g. Cardiff airport parking.

Additional and hidden costs are part and parcel of how we book holidays in the modern day, however there are plenty of ways to save money and lessen these costs.

Holidaymakers Fail to Take Advantage of Advanced Airport Parking Prices recently commented on how British holidaymakers are spending far too much on their holiday ‘extras’ than is necessary. While many UK travellers will scour the internet for the best rates for their accommodation or flights, a large amount fail to think about how much money they could save on their holiday extras.

Car Park
Airport Car Parks

Most holidaymakers will find exceptional deals for a holiday abroad but will fail to plan for their airport parking, travel insurance and travel money. Therefore, families could pay up to £456.51 more on the ‘extras’ than if they booked airport parking and insurance in advance.

Advance bookings for airport car parking often works out cheaper than turning up on the day of departure for a vehicle space. Off-airport parking is also usually cheaper than the car parks in the airport, and won’t be based too far from the terminals.

The company travel expert, Bob Atkinson, commented: “Often items such as travel insurance and car parking are left until last minute and can end up costing more than they need to. Shopping around online and booking in advance for a holiday, travellers could end up with £450 in their back pocket.”

Airport Parking and Hotels are one of the leading airport car parking specialists with over 32 years’ experience in the industry. They can help holidaymakers compare car parks around a desired airport to find the best car parks for their budget and date of travel.

Where to go on your summer break

You might be wondering where to go on holiday this year. Let’s face it, the British summer’s been a bit of a wash out for the most part, so you’re by no means the only person considering heading off to sunnier climes for some rest and relaxation.

Summer Family Holidays
Summer Family Holidays

There’s plenty of choice these days, so you should be able to book the perfect trip. Also, for added convenience, you can make the most of airport parking.

Getting inspiration

If you’re after ideas for destinations, you might be interested in tips offered by the Burton Mail recently. The publication stated: “The weather at home is getting depressing. If you’re pining for some sun, a little heat and the chance to lounge on the beach in the latest swimwear styles it’s time to get your holiday booked.

“But this summer why not do something a little different and opt for somewhere you’ve never been? It’s easy to go to the same spot year in year out, but the world’s a big place and there’s plenty of it to see.”

Turkey has plenty to offer

One nation that might pique your interest is Turkey. The news source noted that thousands of tourists head there every summer and the country is hot, has “stunning scenery” and, because it’s outside the EU, it’s relatively cheap. Also, the food is “pretty good”, it pointed out.

If you’re not keen on package holidays, you should avoid resorts like Marmaris and instead head to smaller villages and towns along the Turquoise Coast, the newspaper advised.

Could Hawaii be the perfect destination?

Another location that you might be keen to experience is Hawaii. About the group of islands, it said: “You’ll find crystal clear waters, the whitest of sand, big waves and a little volcanic scenery thrown in too. If you’re looking for the perfect destination outside Europe this year, Hawaii could well be it. Throw in a Hawaiian shirt, a loud print bikini and it’ll be perfect.”

Other places suggested by the publication were Cambodia and Ibiza. About the latter, it remarked: “Ibiza has everything. If you’re looking for a little glamour head to Ibiza Town to marvel at the marina and get right into the stylish party atmosphere. The clubs are world famous too, but the real treat of the Golden Isle is the chance to explore.”

It recommended heading north to Benirras or south to Las Salinas. It added that the destination is one “with a difference and one not to be missed”.

Making sure your car’s safe

Wherever you go, it’s important you’re able to leave the cares and concerns of home behind and this is where Edinburgh Airport parking, Heathrow Airport parking and so on comes in handy.

Here at APH we offer parking at numerous transport hubs and when you leave your vehicle in secure facilities like this, you can enjoy total peace of mind. Plus, getting to and from the airport will be straightforward and stress free. To find out more about how we may be able to help you, just take a look around our website.

Book airport parking online to save time and money

Airport parking is one of those things that you don’t want to waste too much time on, but it’s still important to arrange things properly if you want to be confident of everything going according to plan. There’s nothing worse than trying to organise things at the last-minute because that can make the whole process far more stressful than it needs to be, and you could end up spending more of your hard-earned cash in the process. That’s why you should always book things online. Here at APH we like to keep things simple – by using our online system you’ll be able to book your parking space in just a few clicks of the mouse, and you could even find that you save some money too.

Airport Car Parking
Airport Car Parking

Car parking made simple

When you come to us it couldn’t be simpler to get a quote. All you need to do is select your chosen airport, give us your details (date of flight, date of return and number of passengers) and you’ll instantly be presented with the available parking options, and from there you can book your place as you see fit. Each airport will come with a number of different possibilities with on-site, off-site and meet and greet parking often being available, ensuring that every need and preference will be well catered to. You’re free to make your decision according to your individual requirements and can make your booking there and then – our easy to use booking form ensures everything can be completed with the minimum of hassle, and because it can all be arranged online you can look forward to the height of convenience.

Compare airport parking and find the best deals

And, because everything is so easily arranged you’ll soon be able to make the necessary comparisons. The only way to be confident that you’re getting the best deal is if you take a close look at each option to see which one offers the best value for money, and because you’re getting access to all the available parking facilities you’ll quickly identify the best deals. Booking online could be a great way to save some cash as you won’t have to make rash decisions at the last minute, and because you’re arranging everything in advance you could look forward to even better prices.

So, if you want to save time and money make sure to head online to arrange airport car parking. Doing so can be a convenient and cost-effective method of making the necessary arrangements and can ensure you’re getting the best possible start to your trip, and if you want to see how simple it can be make sure to take a look around. You’ll be able to arrange parking from less than £1 per day (depending on your chosen airport and parking facility) so you needn’t worry about spending a fortune, and our quick and simple booking process ensures you won’t need to waste a second of your day. So, if you’ll soon be embarking on that all-important holiday make sure to get in touch and you could book your cheap parking space before you know it.

Airports in Northern Ireland are the Most Expensive in the UK

According to the Belfast Telegraph, airport parking in Belfast International Airport has one of the most expensive airport car parks in the UK. In fact, airport parking spaces in Belfast International are 119% dearer than a booking at Cardiff Airport’s car park.

Holiday Parking

The study was undertaken in February 2012 and compared the prices for airport parking against many of the UK’s largest airports, including London Heathrow, Manchester Airport, Newcastle, Liverpool John Lennon, Cardiff and more.

The study revealed that the only airport outside of Northern Ireland that is more expensive is Luton Airport. The research also found that travellers can save up to 60% off airport spaces when they pre-book online, and that the prices for onsite airport parking charges have increased by a whopping 25% in just 18 months.

For this reason, it is recommended that travellers head to an experienced and cheap airport parking specialist to find the best deals for an Airport in Northern Ireland. By heading to an airport parking specialist, holidaymakers could potentially cut back on overpriced parking costs by pre-booking their space.

Airport Parking and Hotels (APH) are one of the most popular airport parking providers in the UK, as they offer extremely competitive rates for both airport parking and hotels. So, anyone looking for affordable car parking at Belfast International Airport should contact them today for a free quotation.