Spend New Year’s Eve In A New Location Thanks To Cheap Airport Car Parking

As the year draws to a close, it is a perfect time to reflect on the last twelve months. While Christmas is often seen as a winter celebration for children, ringing in New Year’s day is a festivity best enjoyed by adults. After all, with children getting tired out on the build up to midnight, the experience is best enjoyed by parents. However, for the same reason New Year’s eve can be seen as a bit of a slog where you are constantly checking the time and counting down the hours while trying to drink and socialise.

Newcastle and Gateshead at sundown showing Gateshead Millennium Bridge and Tyne Bridges
Newcastle and Gateshead at sundown showing Gateshead Millennium Bridge and Tyne Bridges

New Year’s Eve Hot Spots

What was your last New Year’s eve celebration like? Sitting in front of the television watching various celebrities get together to sing out of tune? Staggering off the dance floor desperately trying to figure out if midnight had already passed? Or maybe you were at the pub with a few mates watching Big Ben strike off the hour, hailed by thousands of blazing fireworks. Either way, with all of the anticipation and build up, especially after the exhausting events of Christmas the week before, welcoming the first of January can be rather arduous.

The trick, though, is to make it just as exciting as Christmas is for children. So, why not make go somewhere new, kick start the year with new experiences that will last you well beyond the coming year. With this in mind, here are a couple of prospective locations to celebrate in.

Edinburgh- Famous for its New Year celebrations, Edinburgh is a great place to say hello and goodbye. With Hogmanay, the Torchlight Procession, musical concerts and a firework spectacular, the Scottish city really knows how to party like it is 1999, or any other year! Getting to Scotland is easy and cost effective too. For car parking Aberdeen airport is easy to access through valet services and manual parking. If you are looking for somewhere to stay as well, there are plenty of hotel packages that could put you up for the night, just be sure to book early as demand during the winter period is always high.

Cornwall- From one end of the country to the other, Cornwall has plenty of fabulous scenic backdrops that are ideal for welcoming the New Year. From cosy cottages sitting on the peaks of rugged cliffs, to tempestuous seas that pay host to plenty of beach parties, a rural retreat could be the ideal quiet getaway for some prime family time. Just like Scotland, getting to Cornwall is easy as flying gets most of the journey out of the way, and with airport parking Exeter makes a great drop off point.

Why not make a complete holiday out of the occasion and spend it somewhere new? A vacation could be the best way to ring in the new year, and with cheap airport car parking it will be affordable to.

Airport Parking and Hotels compares the cost of popular Christmas markets across Europe http://www.aph.com/news/knowbeforeyougo/christmas-markets.shtml

Tips for Getting the Best Deal on your Airport Parking

If you are thinking of driving your car to the airport and leaving it there for the duration of your trip away, there are a number of things you will need to consider. Indeed, whilst parking your car at the airport can be incredibly convenient, it can also work out to be somewhat expensive if you’re not careful.

Car Parking Sign
Airport Car Parking

Fortunately, doing just a little bit of research will show you that there are plenty of strategies and options available that will help you get a truly great deal on your airport car parking.

Below are some tips which can be very helpful in this respect

Book ahead

The difference in prices between booking in advance and paying on the day can be staggering. Indeed, pre-booking your parking will not only save you money, it will also ensure you are guaranteed a space.

Look at local car parks

Take a little bit of time to research the other parking facilities available in the vicinity of your departure airport. Of course, you will need to bear in mind how regular the transfers are, especially if you will be catching a very late or early flight. In general, off-airport parking tends to work out cheaper, although transfer times sometimes take a little bit longer.

Avoid cancellation fees

Most airport car parks these days allow you to purchase a cancellation waiver for as little as £1. This can be money well spent as it will ensure you’ll get all your money back in the event of you having to cancel your trip.

Think about hiring a car

Car hire could work out cheaper for you if you are heading off on a long trip. Indeed, all you will need to do is pick up the hire car from a local depot, drop it off at the airport and then do the same thing in reverse when you get back.

Spend the night at an airport hotel

If you have a very early flight to catch and don’t fancy dealing with all the hassle of travelling to the airport on the day of your flight then you may well find booking an airport hotel room and heading up the night before to be a good bet. Although this may not be the overall cheapest option, it will give you the chance to rest before your flight and save you dealing with the potential stress of getting delayed. Moreover, many airport hotels these days offer competitively-priced parking packages which can be very attractive indeed.

Consider the alternatives

If you are willing to pay a little bit more, then you may find alternative options, such as ‘meet & greet’ services to be beneficial. These services offer total convenience as they allow you to drive straight to the terminal where you will be met by a valet who will park your car for you.

Browse our pages further to find out more and compare the best parking deals available.

The Best Way to Start your Holiday in the Sun

Like many other people across the UK at this time of year, you may be toying with the idea of jetting off abroad for a break away somewhere warm and sunny. After all, the days are getting shorter, the temperature is starting to drop, and the prospect of not experiencing any consistently nice weather for another four or five months is not a very appealing one.

Venice Holidays

Certainly, the idea of snorkelling in the Red Sea, lazing on a beach in Turkey or enjoying a cocktail or two in the Canaries seems like just the tonic right now!

The good thing is that holidays are often relatively inexpensive at this time of year. This means that, as long as you can get the time off work, you may well be able to pick up a lovely sunshine holiday for a really great price.

Truly, there is no better start to a holiday than knowing you have paid well under the odds for it!

Sadly, not all holidays are destined to start off in such favourable fashion.

Indeed, many people’s holidays start to unravel before they have even driven to the airport. To be sure, getting lost on the way, developing mechanical problems, getting stuck in traffic jams and leaving something vital at home (“has everyone go their passport?”) are all perennial ways in which holidaymakers manage to get their holidays off to the worst possible start.

You may have even seen these unfortunate people for yourself, as they are normally the ones who get a sarcastic round of applause from their fellow passengers when they finally board the plane (and that’s if they’re lucky).

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. With a little preparation and organisation, holidaymakers of all means can ensure they catch their flight on time and enjoy a much nicer start to their holiday. The best way of achieving this is to forego the long drive to the airport on the day of departure and instead spend the nightbefore in an airport hotel. Airport hotels are only a few minutes away from the main terminals so they really are the perfect place to stay before catching a flight.

In addition, being organised and making arrangements for airport car parking can also be extremely beneficial too. After all, booking a parking space well in advance can help holidaymakers to avoid those last minute panics that come about when there simply doesn’t seem to be any spaces left at all.

Booking hotels and airport car parks is easy when you come to us here APH as our easy-to-use website enables you to book hotels and parking at airports all across the UK. With just a few clicks of your mouse, we can have everything booked and sorted ready for a nice organised trip.

So, if you want to make sure your next holiday starts off in the best possible way; get organised, get online, and get in touch with us here at APH.

Why Airport Hotels with Parking are the Perfect Option for Family Holidays

Family holidays abroad can be great opportunities for you and your loved ones to get away from the monotony and stress of everyday life and enjoy some well-deserved time together. However, if you have been on family holidays before, you will know that trips like these can be logistically challenging, especially when young children are involved. Indeed, it is quite possible that you will come back from your holiday more stressed than when you left if you’re not careful!

Excited Family at an airport hotel
Excited family at an airport hotel

Fortunately, most of the logistical concerns and headaches which you are likely to encounter on such a trip can be mitigated with a little bit of organisation and some careful planning.

Booking a room in an airport hotel for the night before you fly out can be a good start as it allows you to fragment your journey from home and enjoy a good night’s sleep before you jet off the next day. Rather than rushing around and trying to get your clan packed up and on the road in a hurry, you can instead enjoy a calm trip to your departure airport the day before, park up your car in an ultra-convenient parking space (if you book one of the airport hotels with parking then even better) and then spend the rest of the day chilling out. Then, at the end of the evening, you can hit the hay and sleep easy knowing that you will only be a few minutes away from the terminal when you wake up in the morning.

Although this may seem like a very obvious and straightforward solution to travelling as a family group, you would be surprised how many people still remain blissfully unaware of it. Indeed, far too many parents are still making life harder for themselves than it has to be, pulling their kids out of bed in the middle of the night, speeding to avoid rush hour traffic jams and dealing with misbehaving children who are simply too tired to know better.

Quite simply, once you take advantage of parking and hotel stays at airports, you will wonder how on Earth you ever managed to fly abroad as a family without them!

And it’s not just the hotel and airport car parks themselves that are such great organisational aids; it is also the ease with which they can be booked. Indeed, we here at APH are one of the UK’s leading airport car parking and hotel booking agencies and as such we make getting a better deal on hotels and airport as easy as ABC. With just a few clicks on your mouse, you can scan deals on accommodation and parking near airports nationwide; so it doesn’t matter if you are leaving from Luton, departing from Doncaster or escaping from East Midlands; we will help you to find the hotel room and/or car parking space you need to get your family holiday abroad off on the right foot.

Parking Options at Heathrow Airport

With five terminals and a strategically unbeatable location, it is no surprise that Heathrow airport is one of the world’s busiest airports. Indeed, thousands of holidaymakers, tourists and business travellers start and end their journeys at this colossal international travel hub every single day.

Naturally, Heathrow has provisions in place to accommodate such large passenger numbers arriving and leaving the airport. To be sure, the airport has extensive public transport links which include three Underground stations, a train station, and a comprehensive bus and coach station. In addition, Heathrow also has a plethora of car park options available for passengers who prefer not to use public transport.

Heathrow Airport
Heathrow Airport

However, the fact that Heathrow is always so busy means that the airport car parks are always in great demand; therefore parking options get booked up fast.

So, if you will be catching a flight from Heathrow in the near future and are anticipating taking your car, you may well find it beneficial to book an airport parking space as far in advance as you can. This will not only help you to keep costs down; it will also ensure you avoid the disappointment of missing out on a space altogether.

Of course, there is a wide range of parking options available in and around the Heathrow area. You can choose to park your car on site at an airport run car park (these are within the airport’s grounds and are amongst the most convenient solutions available in terms of proximity to the terminal buildings); or, you can choose to leave your car at an off-site car park that is usually a short distance away from the airport. If you choose this option then you will simply need to take a shuttle bus along with your luggage from the car park to the terminal you are flying from. Off-site Heathrow parking is often the most cost-effective option as the fact it is not within the airport’s boundaries means that operators not have to pay a premium; therefore they can offer rates that are more competitive than on-site parking facilities.

As well as, standard on-site and off-site car parks, there are also other slightly more decadent vehicle-based options available. For example, if you are travelling on business or want to impress a colleague or guest then you might like opt for chauffeur services instead of driving yourself. These services will pick you up from your door and drive you straight to the airport so you won’t even need to worry about parking at all. Naturally, such services are more expensive than standard car parking options; however; they certainly can be useful on occasions that call for a little VIP treatment!

Of course, many other airports around the country also offer a range parking solutions to accommodate their passenger demands. Indeed, passengers flying from busy regional airports such as Stansted, Birmingham, Leeds Bradford, Manchester, Glasgow, East Midlands and Gatwick can expect to find the same parking options and services that are available at Heathrow (http://www.uk-airport-car-parking.co.uk/heathrow_parking.htm).

Airport Car Parking Options for Vehicle Loving Brits

If they were asked to make a choice between using public transport or their own vehicle to make a journey in the UK, it would be a fair bet that practically all of those questioned would choose their car. This is because the British public at large generally have a very unfavourable opinion of public transport in the UK (not reliable enough, too expensive, not efficient enough etc, etc).

Of course, this isn’t the only reason. There are now more cars on the road in Britain than at any other time in history. Quite simply, we Brits love our cars and as such they are our automatic transportation option of choice when it comes to getting from A to B. Indeed, journeys that were once seen as being the exclusive domain of public transport or taxis are now being taken en masse in cars.

A good example of this is the journey to and from the airport.

Indeed, many more people now choose to drive to the airport than to take taxis or use public transport. The main reason for this is that, unlike twenty or even ten years ago, there is now a wide range different parking options available at UK airports. From airport hotels with parking to cheap airport off-site parking (http://www.aph.com/parking/index.shtml), travellers and tourists now have a number of ways to keep their car safe whilst they are away on their holidays.

However, as with many other things, greater choice can often lead to greater confusion. Indeed, many travellers and tourists remain unaware of which type of airport car park option will best suit their own particular needs. As such, many people end up paying over the odds and miss out on cheap parking that would more than adequately meet their needs.

So what are the various parking options and what do they offer?

Off-site parking

Off-site parking usually offers the best value for money and, as long as travellers can be sure they will get there in plenty of time, it offers the same degree of convenience as on-site parking. Indeed, the regular shuttle buses that operate between off-site car parks and airport terminals can have passengers where they need to be in a matter of minutes.

On-site parking

The main reason why people choose on-site parking is that they believe it to be a safer and more convenient option than off-site car parks. Whilst on-site parking may well provide passengers with a slightly quicker transfer time, there is nothing to suggest that it is in any way safer than off-site parking.

Other options

There are also two other airport car parking options: airport hotels with parking (http://www.wooshairportextras.com/packages) and ‘meet and greet’ parking. The former provides travellers with a safe and affordable parking space as well as a comfortable and stress-free start to their holiday. The latter allows travellers to simply turn up at the terminal and have their vehicle whisked away by a valet who will take care of their parking duties for them.

Airport Hotels to Suit your Needs

Regardless of whether you are flying away for a family holiday or jetting off for a business trip, spending the night before you go in an airport hotel can help you to avoid the stress of rushing around and afford you a good night’s rest. Fortunately, most of the UK’s major airports now have a good selection of hotels on site and nearby so you can be sure there will be an option available to suit your own particular needs and budget.

Birmingham Airport Hotels
Airport Hotels

Whilst your budget will of course be dictated by how far your finances will stretch; your needs will most likely be determined by who you are travelling with and how you will be getting to and from the airport.

Here at APH, we can provide airport hotel solutions to suit all requirements. In general, we provide two distinct yet equally attractive accommodation options: hotel only packages, and hotel with parking packages.


Hotel-only deals are stand-alone packages which provide rooms without any other services added-on i.e. no airport parking. Therefore, hotel-only packages are ideally suited to travellers who will not be driving to the airport in their own vehicle. Indeed, it is often people like seasonal workers, flight attendants, holidaying couples, backpackers and business travellers who choose hotel only packages as they are most likely to use public transport or private hire services to get them to the airport.

Hotel with parking

These packages provide parking services as well as a hotel room so they are perfect for travellers who need to drive their own vehicles to and from the airport. Indeed, anyone who is travelling with young children or family members who have limited mobility issues can benefit greatly from choosing a hotel with parking option as it enables them to get from their home to the airport without having to use public transport. Hotels that offer this service provide secure on-site or off-site airport car parks which are manned round-the-clock with CCTV surveillance cameras and kept secure by barrier controlled entrance systems. A shuttle bus service to and from the terminal building is also included in the package.

No matter what type of package you may choose, you will find spending the night in an airport hotel to be a very affordable and comfortable experience, especially if you have an early morning flight to catch or are returning to the UK on a late night flight. Indeed, hotels with parking can be very beneficial in this respect as they can help you to avoid all of the stress that comes from fighting early morning rush hour traffic.

And, as well as providing incredibly competitive airport car parking services, most modern airport hotel establishments these days also offer superb dining, leisure, recreational and spa facilities so you can rest assured that your journey will begin in the very best way possible.

So, next time you need to find an airport hotel to suit your needs, look no further than us here at APH.com.

APH is committed to providing the very highest standards of service to customers. We continually monitor customer feedback through APH customer reviews which helps us to maintain our high levels of service.

Why Airport Hotels are the Best Option when it Comes to Starting an Overseas Journey

Although driving to your departure airport and leaving your car at a reputable airport car park is normally the most convenient and cost-effective way of starting an overseas journey, it is not full-proof. Indeed, a major traffic jam, road accident or episode of inclement weather can sometimes be enough to stop you from even getting to the airport in the first place.

The good news is there is another option available – a better way of starting your journey than spending several hours rushing to get to the airport on time.

Airport Hotel
Airport Hotel

Spending a night at an airport hotel is far and away the best option when it comes to catching a flight. Indeed, checking into an airport hotel enables you to drive up the day before your flight is due to leave, leave your car on their on-site car park and then enjoy a good night’s rest before catching a shuttle bus to your departure terminal the next day.

The real beauty of staying in an airport hotel is that it enables you to deal with any traffic problems that may occur long before they might impact your ability to catch your flight. This means that you do not have to get stressed when you hit a traffic jam and have no cause to worry when inclement weather brings the roads to a standstill.

Booking a hotel room for the day of your return flight can also be a great option, especially if you will be arriving back on a late flight. Certainly, the prospect of a nice nearby bed will seem a lot more appealing than driving for hours on end when you eventually reclaim your baggage at two o’clock in the morning!

Airport hotels are a popular and viable solution for all travellers. Indeed, they can be very beneficial to business travellers as they can allow them to finish off any preparations which they may need to make in comfortable surroundings. Travellers who take a lot of luggage away with them can also benefit from spending a night in an airport hotel as the on-site car parks and regular transfers can help them to manage their bags. Families too can profit from booking an airport hotel room as it will enable them to maintain their children’s sleeping habits and provide mum and dad with a welcome respite from endless car-based games of ‘I-spy’!

Quite simply, booking an airport hotel room for the night before your flight (or upon your return to the UK) is a great idea as it allows you to start your overseas journey in a completely stress-free and unhurried manner. And with airport car parking frequently included in the price, you can often save yourself a good few quid in the process.

So, next time you get the urge to jet off for an overseas trip, book yourself an airport hotel room for the night with us here at APH.com.

Benefits of Staying at an Airport Hotel

There was a time when people flying away on holiday wouldn’t even consider the prospect of staying at an airport hotel. To be sure, airport hotels were once seen as being the exclusive domain of business travellers waiting for ‘red eye’ flights and rich Sheikhs with large entourages.

Of course, things are very different these days as travellers of all means can now find comfortable airport accommodation options to suit their budgets. Indeed, many more travellers now make a point of factoring airport hotel rooms into their travel plans. The main reason for this is that staying in an airport hotel can provide travellers with benefits that can make their journeys even more enjoyable.

Birmingham Airport Hotel - Crowne Plaza Room

Less stress

Any traveller that has an early morning flight to catch or a long drive to the airport will eliminate all the stress that goes with it by staying at an airport hotel. Indeed, waking up very, very early (i.e. while it’s still dark) is never enjoyable and is something which no-one should have to do when beginning a nice, relaxing holiday. Naturally, this can be especially beneficial to parents who are talking young children on holiday as any mum or dad will be thrilled to avoid having to deal with one or more tired, grumpy and uncooperative children in the wee hours.

Of course, missing out on a long drive to the airport against the clock is also very welcome. After all, long drives are made even longer when variables like potential traffic delays and inclement weather conditions have to be factored in and accounted for. Fortunately, all the stress that goes with rushing to get to departures on time can be alleviated by simply staying in an airport hotel. That way, travellers can simply walk to the terminal building in good time, or even if their hotel isn’t within walking distance of the terminal, they can obtain transfers which will get them there in a matter of minutes.

Attractive airport car parking options

Of course, people who travel on a regular basis know that it is always better to avoid traffic jams on the way to the airport. Indeed, the morning and evening rush hours which affect most major airports can have a very negative impact on the holiday mood of travellers if they get to a point where they are really cutting things fine.

Again, all of this can be easily avoided by spending a night at an airport hotel. This is because a great many airport hotel establishments these days provide their guests with safe, secure and affordable (sometimes free) airport car parks to leave their vehicles in. These packages are very attractive as they not only allow travellers to go away with great peace of mind; they also frequently work out to be very effective money savers.

Without doubt, jetting off with great peace of mind and a complete lack of stress is surely the best way to start any holiday or business trip.

Airport Hotels to Suit all Budgets and Needs

Not that long ago, it was only really business travellers and the well-heeled who opted to stay at airport hotels. These days however, travellers of all kinds are choosing to spend a night in an airport hotel before they fly out the next day.

The main reason why so many more people now have the option of staying in airport hotel rooms is that there is a far wider choice of establishments available these days. Indeed, most major UK airports today have hotels in their vicinities which are able to cater to all budgets.

Airport Hotel
Airport Hotel

In general, the hotels available at UK airports come complete with on-site airport car parking and fall into one of three categories: three star hotels, four star hotels or luxury hotels.

Three-star hotels

Three-star airport hotel options are generally located close to the airport complex and offer their guests free shuttle bus services to the terminals. Three-star hotels typically offer comfortable air-conditioned rooms with bathrooms, toiletries, televisions, irons and ironing boards. For the most part, three-star hotels provide Wi Fi access as well as conference and meeting rooms for pre-arranged bookings. Three-star hotel restaurants will normally have one or two restaurants serving breakfast, lunch and dinner (sometimes at set times) and a bar which can be enjoyed by guests all through the day.

Four-star hotels

Four-star hotels are normally situated within a few minutes walk of airport terminal buildings; therefore they are a great choice for families and travellers who may have issues with their mobility. These hotels also provide comfortable en-suite rooms with air conditioning and televisions; however, most of today’s four-star airport hotel establishments also supply their guests with additional amenities such as high speed Internet connections, trouser presses and hairdryers. Four-star hotels typically provide their guests with a selection of restaurants, bars, and tea and coffee houses.

Luxury hotels

These deluxe accommodation options are the perfect option for travellers who are looking to enjoy a touch of decadence, as well as business professionals who need to meet with (or impress) colleagues. Luxury airport hotel establishments are typically located within close proximity of terminal buildings and afford guests round-the-clock terminal transfer services. In general, luxury airport hotel rooms are soundproof, spacious and beautifully decorated. In addition, they also come complete with luxurious bedding, en-suite bathrooms, pay-per-view films, mini-bars, telephones, televisions and free Wi Fi access. Guests are spoilt for choice when it comes to catering options as luxury hotels normally have a comprehensive selection of restaurants and bistros serving specialist dishes and international cuisine. As well as bars and coffee shops, luxury airport hotel establishments also provide their guests with health clubs, saunas, steam rooms and massage studios to unwind in.

So, next time you get the opportunity to fly off somewhere, why not look into booking yourself a budget appropriate airport hotel room for the evening. With comfy beds, good food, great locations and free airport car parks, you really can’t go far wrong.