Holidaymakers Fail to Take Advantage of Advanced Airport Parking Prices

Airport Car Parks recently commented on how British holidaymakers are spending far too much on their holiday ‘extras’ than is necessary. While many UK travellers will scour the internet for the best rates for their accommodation or flights, a large amount fail to think about how much money they could save on their holiday extras.

Car Park
Airport Car Parks

Most holidaymakers will find exceptional deals for a holiday abroad but will fail to plan for their airport parking, travel insurance and travel money. Therefore, families could pay up to £456.51 more on the ‘extras’ than if they booked airport parking and insurance in advance.

Advance bookings for airport car parking often works out cheaper than turning up on the day of departure for a vehicle space. Off-airport parking is also usually cheaper than the car parks in the airport, and won’t be based too far from the terminals.

The company travel expert, Bob Atkinson, commented: “Often items such as travel insurance and car parking are left until last minute and can end up costing more than they need to. Shopping around online and booking in advance for a holiday, travellers could end up with £450 in their back pocket.”

Airport Parking and Hotels are one of the leading airport car parking specialists with over 32 years’ experience in the industry. They can help holidaymakers compare car parks around a desired airport to find the best car parks for their budget and date of travel.

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