Ensuring Quality of Service and Security

Secure Airport Car Parking

A cheap airport car park should not mean that you should skimp on space or security. Every car park should provide professional services that meet standards and should ideally achieve the Park Mark Safer Parking Award. This award guarantees that your vehicles will be safe even over long term stays that are longer than 1 month. Having peace of mind that your vehicle is safe when you are exploring or working in another country can make everything much less complicated. Other security features that should come as standard regardless of price are CCTV cameras and security patrols. Having as much coverage as possible through a CCTV network can ensure that potential wrongdoers are identified and brought to justice, but this may be after the event has occurred. Having a security team on site that can patrol and respond to emerging threats will hopefully reduce the likelihood of an attempt at all. On top of this breaker beams can also help to increase the security as well. At Airport Parking & Hotels, we provide all of these services at our accredited car parks and we try to ensure that every other partner car park enforces them as well.

Secure Airport Car Parking
Secure Airport Car Parking

We have many options all over the country including Belfast International airport parking and parking at Leeds Bradford Airport. This mix of convenience and quality can ensure that you can always find a car park through our services for the vast majority of the airports through the British Isles. Each and every car park must reach certain levels of quality or we wouldn’t work with them. We even offer parking at ports like Dover where it might be a requirement of yours to leave your car before getting on a ferry or travelling through the Channel Tunnel.

One of the most important parts of booking parking is to do it early. This is because demand often exceeds the supply, particularly when the season reaches its peak during summer. Many people want to use the car parks and the ones closest to the airport will fill up very quickly, even months ahead. This can cause problems if you want to have only a short trip to the car park and it might make the transfer distance so long that it is hardly worth it at all. The general rule is that the earlier you act, the better the chances of getting the space you want at the price you want. This is an unfortunate fact and nothing can really be done about it, aside from offering good advice.

Many of our car parks are within walking distance, but if you have to use our transfer service then you should be assured that coaches typically arrive and depart every 5 minutes or so. This means that you shouldn’t have to wait around for long and you should also receive help with your luggage. Our meet & greet services also offer valet services which will transfer your car for you meaning you won’t have to move from the terminal.

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