The Push Continues For A Second Runway At Gatwick Airport

The site that Gatwick airport now occupies used to be a base used by the Royal Air Force during World War Two, but since then it has grown in size and significance. Currently, Gatwick airport is the UK’s second largest airport and the seventh busiest international airport in the world. While these statistics may seem mildly impressive for an airport located near the capital city in one of the world’s most developed countries, it is worth noting that Gatwick airport has only one runway, which in turn makes it the busiest single runway in the entire world. Operating one runway has been seen by some as a cause for concern, calling for expansion to keep up with demand and tourism. However there are those that rally against this cause, claiming that it will harm the surrounding areas.

Gatwick north terminal
Gatwick north terminal

The Fight For Change

The plans for changes to Gatwick airport are currently being gathered, but they will not be able to be implemented until 2019 as the site is currently under obligation not to expand. With plans to make the airport changes both ‘affordable and practical’, the site wants to rival Heathrow, the larger London based rival.

Seeing as there are a plethora of airports in the surrounding area and the fact that Gatwick is fully equipped with great airport parking to meet its demand, why are there calls for controversial change and what are the protesters concerned about?

Part of the concern lies with the fact that building another runway would lead to the need of a third terminal. Currently the airport has a North and South Terminal, the latter of which is integrated with the rail system. The land set aside for the expansive building work, which would have to make room for the new runway and third terminal, currently contains some residential houses as well as seventeen listed buildings. While this is a small figure compared to the large amount of houses at risk over the expansion of Heathrow, there is also an environmental concern. Surrounding areas will have to be tested for noise pollution, the airport does not want to have to impose a curfew on surrounding residents.

London officials are also wary of change. While acknowledging the fact that London has to connect with the rest of the world in the best way possible, it seems that many want one central hub with plenty of connections, rather than scattering the focus too thinly. Given the density of the south-east population, though, expanding an airport is always going to be met with opposition.

For tourists, the airport is always a favourite. Car parking at Gatwick is easy and convenient, as those using a Gatwick airport car park can leave their vehicle at reception, and arrange for it to be dropped off on their return. Manual parking is also available.

Why You Should Book Your Airport Hotels Through A Travel Agent

Choosing accommodation for you holiday can be a daunting experience. With a large amount of family members, or even just a couple in search of a romantic getaway, finding the balance between all parties can be a very trying process. However, this should not be the case. Holidays are meant to be enjoyable, a break from the day in day out routine of working life.

Airport Hotel Room
airport hotel room

With various costs and scheduling arrangements though this factor, fun, is often overlooked. It is not just hotels upon arrival that can prove troublesome to organise, staying over in a convenient location before departure can be difficult too. With airport hotels part of the travel arrangements on offer through agents though, the process can be streamlined to make your vacation easier and more enjoyable.

Get What You Expect

How many times have you come across something that just does not live up to your expectations? Perhaps you went to view a house and the ‘large bedroom’ advertised was little more than a storage cupboard? While this is a common problem, it has not exactly been helped by the internet. Thanks to online reviews of independent and franchise hotels, getting a picture of what is good and what is not is harder than ever. Booking into a substandard hotel could get your holiday off to a bad start and influence the rest of your time off.

Online reviews have driven up the need for high standards of customer service when it comes to hotel staff. No longer is the size of the room or the thickness of the walls the only cause for concern. Everything from the way you are served upon check in, to the neatness of the sheets, can be criticised for the whole world to hear. The problem is furthered given reports that some companies have been found trying to sabotage rivals by posting poor reviews on websites while praising their own very highly. Cutting through all of this competitiveness is easy though, book through a travel agent you can trust.

With a hotel situated near car parking at Gatwick, as well as an array of country wide airport hotel facilities, booking online with a leading travel agent and airport car park specialist means that you will be provided with a high standard of service. With staff that know how important it is to be attentive, and hotels that maintain a high level of quality, you can start your holiday as you mean to go on, by enjoying yourself completely.

So if you are looking for great accommodation and useful facilities, book online early for cheap deals that can get your holiday off to a great start.

Don’t Take A Chance With London Traffic

London is a major destination for many air travel routes because of the sheer size and number of different airports it can offer. There are of course multiple destinations from Gatwick to Heathrow, but there is also Stansted and Luton as well. Both of these can be great airports to use as alternatives but no matter which London airport you eventually choose there will be surrounding infrastructure to make your trip a lot easier. Choosing the best options though is not always as straightforward as it seems. There are many hotels that surround each airport, with more clustered around the larger airports Heathrow and Gatwick.

These are great for those people who are transferring to other flights that could be the next day or even next week. Hotels like this provide all of the amenities you might expect at any other hotel including room service, gyms, baths, meals, baggage holds and everything else that can take the stress out of transferring. Airport hotels should also be conveniently located within a few miles of the airport itself to ensure easy access and reduce the possibility that you might get stuck in traffic.

London Traffic
London Traffic

At Airport Parking & Hotels, we provide options on hotels which can allow you to book a stay at a hotel as near as possible to the airport that you will be travelling from. Not everybody has the time to visit London for those stays that are only for a night or two, and travelling into the centre can make things very problematic.

London is famous for its traffic congestion and using the Underground can be very awkward for those with lots of luggage. This can mean getting a hotel that is within transfer distance of the airport becomes very important. If it is your first time to London or the UK, you really don’t want to be put off. Of course, many people who are travelling to very specific destinations that only London offers may travel from other parts of the UK to use one of its airports. They too may need a hotel or even parking near to the airport itself.

As you may expect, parking in London is easier said than done, but with our service we can help you to find the best options on Heathrow and Gatwick parking as well as many other airports around the country. London really is an access point to the world with many destinations flying direct from the capital. This can mean that Gatwick parking becomes an integral part of your journey, but it shouldn’t become such a problem that you find it more stressful to take your car.

Our Heathrow and Gatwick parking options give you peace of mind through full 24 hour security options as well as prices that can justify travelling in your car, making it both cheaper and more convenient than ordering a taxi.

Our site is built to be easy to navigate so you can quickly find what you want at any airport around the country.

Taking a Vacation from British Weather

The rainy weather can’t last forever right? Um…Well…

The UK is positioned in a very important place weather-wise, being located almost directly under the flow of jet streams which are directly responsible for weather patterns. If we are the right side of the jet streams we get very warm, dry weather, but on the wrong side of these the weather will be very wet and far cooler.

British Weather
British Weather

Usually these jet streams vary in position every week or so, which explains why we often have a few days of great weather but very rarely get long periods of continued sunshine without lengthy breaks for rain. However, this year, the streams have not been in flux as they usually are, and have remained constant instead, on the wrong side of us.

It is the next bit of news that may very quickly get you looking for parking at Gatwick airport and the first available flight out of here. The fact is, no one knows why the weather is doing what it is doing, and it shows no signs of stopping. So if you have been holding out for the sun thinking it can’t stay like this all summer, it may now be time to give up hope and book that sunshine holiday and Gatwick parking.

The government has done its best to try to make us stay in the UK this summer with adverts discussing the benefits of a ‘staycation,’ and whilst there is indeed plenty to see in this country, if you want great weather, book that Gatwick parking and head off now, as you are unlikely to get sunshine any time soon. It may well be best to enjoy the sun in Europe whilst you can and stay here in autumn when the weather is likely to be much the same.

So, whilst the sun shows no sign of any lengthy stay any time soon, Europe is very much on the right side of the jet streams at the moment, so book that parking at Gatwick airport and get away sooner rather than later.

Infrastructures To Simplify Airport Parking

Airports are really hives of infrastructure but beneath the busy, often chaotic atmosphere there is a sense of order that must be adhered to. Dealing with thousands of travelling passengers every day is no easy task, but this doesn’t only take its toll on the airport and its staff, it also takes its toll on the holiday makers and other travellers. From the outset, you can understand the level of infrastructure that helps airports to function since as you travel towards them the amount of specialised roads increases until you meet the airport itself. It is at this point you may see different car parks, some that are in better locations than others. At APH, we have some of the best selections of airport parking available and at its centre is a consideration to infrastructure, but one that takes into account the experience of our customers and is aimed at reducing stress and increasing efficiency.

Airport Car Parks
Airport Car Parks

We own and operate 3 carparks at some of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom including Manchester, Birmingham and Gatwick. These car parks all have their own different levels of infrastructure from ease of parking to security measures and transport to and from the car park. Our car parks each hold the Park Mark® Safe Parking Award because they have been independently rated as having the safest standards available. This is also true of the vast majority of the other car parks we list, if you are looking to compare airport car parking in order to get the best deal. Aside from this we also have accreditations on our website which can ensure that any bookings made online are completely secure. The ISIS (Internet Shopping Is Safe) accreditation means that all transactions are completely trustworthy when conducted through our site.

Our other partners include some of the best names in parking, which means that no matter who you choose when you come to compare airport car parks, you will always get a good deal that won’t let you down. We work with Meteor, NCP, BAA, Purple Parking and Quality Parking Heathrow. This vastly increases the number of options you have to choose from when you come to our site. Our options are some of the best available and this has resulted in a 97% approval rate of our company, meaning that customers are highly likely to use our service because it offers options and value for money that other parking specialists don’t.

Because we realised there were other industries around parking at airports we can also offer parking at ports and Eurotunnel terminals. This means that no matter your means of travel you can always rely on the absolute best when it comes to safe, efficient and economical parking options. If you are wanting to park your own car with us and organise some alternative transport – perhaps a sports or off-road vehicle more suited to your travels – we can also offer car hire. This can enable you to travel to your chosen destination with the minimum of fuss.

Eurozone crisis resulting in impressive deals for UK holidaymakers

Much of the talk in the media at present is about economic doom and gloom. However, it is not all bad news for those who are thinking about parking at Gatwick Airport and heading off on trips abroad.

It seems there are plenty of deals available for UK consumers to take advantage of. According to Colin Ramsay, who owns Ramsay World Travel, his firm is experiencing a level of demand unmatched in its history as individuals seek to make the most of the offers that currently abound, the Scotland Courier reports.

Car Parking
Car Parking

He said: “In the next 12 to 18 months we expect there to be more great deals for holidaymakers.”

The expert added: “We have seen the cost of holidays drop around five to ten per cent and we expect that to continue. There are massive bargains to be had and fantastic deals for 2013. There has never been a better time to get away.”

Mr Ramsay went on to suggest that the cost of booking holidays has “plummeted”. This applies not only to Greece, which has seen a great deal of economic strife, but to nations all around Europe, he claimed

He went on to remark: “For those living in the eurozone and going through the trouble it is not a good time but for us and for holidaymakers it’s fantastic.”

Many of those planning to use Gatwick parking may be making the most of the relative strength of the pound. The publication noted that sterling has hit new highs against the euro for the first time since 2008, meaning Britons have more spending power.

By being shrewd and taking advantage of competitively priced parking at Gatwick Airport and so on, consumers stand to save even more money. Thankfully, booking Gatwick parking and making other travel arrangements is now straightforward and can be done online.

Avoiding The Hidden Costs In Holiday Travel

Despite the age of budget airlines and internet deals on all inclusive holidays, the cost of travelling, whether abroad or within the UK, can still be quite expensive. Hidden costs seem to abound no matter where you’re going, or how you’re getting there. Here are some tips on how to avoid the hidden costs in holiday travel.

Avoiding Airline Fuel Surcharges

Many airlines, including major commercial airlines as well as smaller, budget airlines, currently charge very high fuel surcharges. This can be deceiving when you are trying to book an inexpensive flight because often the first price you will see does not include this surcharge.

If you want to book a flight that’s truly inexpensive, or that does not include such a fuel surcharge, you may wish to book with an airline such as Ryan Air. Or you may want to use a comparison web site to find the cheapest price. But remember to compare as many different airlines as you can, because sometimes hidden fuel charges do not appear on the first list of flight prices you see on your screen.

Avoiding Baggage Charges

While budget travel has become popular in recent years, many travellers have become frustrated by the hidden baggage fees that many airlines have been charging. But there are several ways that you can avoid these charges.

Consider not travelling with baggage. If you are only going to be away for a few days, use an overnight bag as a carryon and take all your clothes in that so that you do not need to check any baggage.

Another option is to compare as many different airlines as you can to find one that will not charge you for a checked bag. There are still a few airlines out there who allow one free piece of baggage. And recently the Scottish airline Flybe has decided to introduce a system of three classes for tickets so that the middle class tickets can check one piece of baggage without a fee.

Avoiding High Car Park Charges

High car parking charges can also have a negative effect on your holiday plans. Many travellers are unaware of how expensive airport parking can be, especially if you don’t book well in advance of your flight.

On Airport Parking
On-Airport Parking

But when you compare the airport car parking options available on our web site, you can save a lot of money. Cheap airport parking is available, and we’ve done the hardest part for you by listing all the best car parks near every major UK airport, including Gatwick airport car park, and many more. All you have to do is put in the dates of your travel, and where you plan to fly from.

As you can see from these tips, you don’t have to fall prey to al the hidden costs of holiday travel. So the next time you decide to take a trip, no matter where you’re going, avoid the stress of expensive holidays and relax and enjoy you’re time away. And remember to compare your airport parking here with us at APH to save even more.

Where To Spend Winter Holidays

The festive season is traditionally the busiest time for London airports, with thousands of holidaymakers heading off on a well deserved break. No matter which spot on the map you will select, one of the best ways to start your winter holidays stress-free is to travel to the airport in the comfort of your own car and leave it in a secure Gatwick parking space until you are back. With Christmas round the corner, it is time for you to choose the perfect holiday destination either to embrace winter or escape it.

APH Gatwick Parking
APH Gatwick Parking

Cold-weather lovers have a great range of winter break ideas to choose from. According to NASA, winter 2011/2012 is expected to be the best for observing the Northern Lights for 50 years. Traditionally Lapland is perceived as the ideal region to view the aurora borealis from. So book a flight and a place at Gatwick parking facilities well in advance to have access to a wider range of travel options and lower prices. Your family will likely be thrilled to spend a few days amid snow-capped mountains making pictures and exploring activities unique to the weather such as reindeer safaris, snowmobiling, skating, skiing and snowboarding.

Those who want to enjoy the adrenaline rush of winter sports will probably find Alpine resorts the perfect destination with their challenging slopes, picturesque landscapes and top quality accommodation. It is considered one of the most sociable holidays imaginable. You can live in a nice chalet with all your family or friends, meet new people right on the slopes and make friends with like-minded sports enthusiasts during high-profile competitions. France is probably the top destination in Europe with its excellent skiing infrastructure and premium resorts, while Andorra is great for families and first timers to skiing. Austria, Italy and Switzerland are also firm favourites with holidaymakers. Select a suitable tour and remember to reserve a Gatwick parking place to leave your vehicle in while you are away.

If you wish to get out of the cold and head somewhere hot for Christmas, there is a wide range of options from Sri Lanka to Florida. The Caribbean could be an ideal getaway with its tropical scenery, mountain hiking, beautiful beaches and water sports. Sometimes there is nothing more reinvigorating than lying in the sun, having a nice swim and treating yourself to local culinary delights. Those who prefer endurance-type water sports can go on surfing holidays. Australia, Costa Rica, Fiji and South Africa are some of the most popular destinations. If you are going to travel with your own gear, then bringing it to the airport in your car seems to be the best idea. Leave your vehicle at secure Gatwick parking facilities and head off on a winter break with peace of mind. Perfect beaches, great food and cheap accommodation can be discovered in Sri Lanka at this time of the year.

Whether you are going to tropical countries or snow-capped mountains, arranging your trip well in advance can save you the effort of looking for a suitable tour or a vacant Gatwick parking space on Christmas Eve, when you are supposed to get ready for the celebration. There are so many things to be done before you board the plane so it is better to start the preparation today.