3 Additional Costs to Factor into your Holidays

Extra Baggage

It used to be the case that most people who went on holiday chose a package holiday, where all the costs are factored in. One price would cover the flights, accommodation and even the food. Less people are choosing to holiday this way, and now there are various additional costs to worry about.

Extra Baggage
Extra Baggage

Extra Baggage

The most notorious of these costs are the costs levied on extra baggage. Many budget airlines offer very affordable tickets, but make up lots of money levying additional costs. Costs for baggage is just one of these additional costs, and other costs include fines for not having your boarding card, a surcharge on paying with your debit card etc.

Exchange Rates

One of the best ways to save money on your holiday is to shop around for the best exchange rates. Exchange rates can vary not just from place to place, but also from time to time. At the moment the Euro is relatively weak against the pound, but this changes all the time.

Airport Parking

What about airport parking? This isn’t an essential per se, however more and more people prefer the convenience of being able to park in and around the airport. Costs can be saved here by combining an airport hotel stay with your parking, e.g. Cardiff airport parking.

Additional and hidden costs are part and parcel of how we book holidays in the modern day, however there are plenty of ways to save money and lessen these costs.

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